AJ looks after our dogs whenever we need her to, whether it be for the day or for a week. Always reliable & helpful & we can go away with the peace of mind knowing the girls will be properly cared for, most importantly of all, the girls love her so that speaks for itself!”

Linda Jarvis

My horse was recovering from stress related colic when AJ first saw him and he was literally transformed! He's a totally different horse in that he's happier and generally much much more relaxed and has coped with a move and settled after a week or so rather than the two months it took him last time we moved. AJ definitely worked her magic on my boy.

Sally Salmon

I recently had my ex-racer Ben communicated. It was determined that he didn't like starting gates which caused him to be a little claustrophobic, was anxious when ridden, was gelded late and though dressage was boring. Since the visit, we have started jumping, which he loves, and I accidentally came across the date when he was gelded. He wasn't done until he was 4! it was reassuring to know that he was happy with me and wasn't in any pain. Would highly recommend.

Emily Clarke

AJ is truly amazing at what she does. She's kind, caring and very professional. All the treatments she offers are done on a very personal level. She has helped me numerous times and I will definitely use her services again in the future, very highly recommended.

Siobhan Miller