AJ's Natural Healing for You £35

AJ's Natural Healing is a holistic body-mind medicine that 

allows the body to reclaim its healthy status by balancing 

the body physically, mentally and emotionally.

By using principles from Quantum Physics and different 

Eastern and Western Medicines AJ's Natural Healing will 

balance you from the stresses and challenges in the daily 

life, allowing you to regain your mind clarity, 

inner peace and total health.

AJ's Natural Healing  integrates principles from different 

modalities such as:  Acupressure, 

Applied Kinesiology,  Reflexology, Meridian Massage,  

 Reiki and Quantum Touch.


Natural Healing is for anyone who feels stuck, unhappy, 

feeling “there could be more to life”, but not knowing what it


  • low in energy and motivation or feeling depressed
  • suffering from stress
  • sleeping problems 
  • prone to panic and anxiety attacks
  • lacking a sense of purpose 
  • looking for a new direction in life
  • trying to fill the feeling of emptiness inside by 
  • excessive shopping, sex, eating, drinking, drugs…
  • in a transition, a life crisis or suffering from trauma
  • repeating destructive relationship patterns
  • suffering from physical symptoms 
  • conditions not respond to medical treatment

Natural Healing for Pets and Pet Parents £45

 When your pet gets sick, you would probably take them 

to the vet for a check-up. But what if your pet’s problem 

isn’t health-related – what if it is a behavioural issue or 

something just seems “off” about him?

I recognise the strong connection people have with 

their pets. Our pets connect with us on a deeply 

emotional and energetic level, therefore our stress 

can affect them greatly.


Our pets act like emotional mirrors of their pet parents, 

and that it is important to treat both in order to clear 

any issues as the deepest level.


Working with pets and pet parents together provides 

an insight into any recurring patterns holding both back.

Have you ever noticed that anxious dogs often 

have anxious pet parent?

Changing the behaviour of your pet requires change 

from within.

Natural Healing for Horse 
and Rider £65

Are you wanting a deeper, more spiritual connection 
with your horse? 

Would you like more balance and harmony in your 

Do you see others enjoying the kind of relationship 
you dream of having with your horse? 

Then a natural healing session for horse and 
rider would be of benefit to you and your 
horses relationship.

What are the benefits of a combined 

Natural healing session for horse 

and rider?

Combined  healing sessions are ideal for 

releasing stress and tension prior to competition, 

promoting deep calm and relaxation for post 

competition recovery and for enhancing a sense of 

general well being.

The calming effects of natural healing can also help to 

improve communication between you and your horse, 

by helping you to become more grounded and focused. 

This leads to clearer communication from you, and 

better responses from your horse. Treatments can 

even help relax horses who are nervous about loading 

or travelling.

Natural healing is also an excellent aid for horses that 

are highly-strung and excitable when ridden. 

Treatments can make a difference by helping to 

calm your horse, making riding more enjoyable and 

less of a challenge.

Distance Healing £15

How does Distance Healing Work?

I link into the vibratory energy signature of the client using 

my ‘sixth sense’ in connection with higher spiritual 

guidance. Therefore allowing me to shift blocks and run 

healing energy, for the greatest good of the client.

Distance healing is just as effective as an in person 

healing session. In alternative energy healing, we work

 with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of an 

individual by accessing the individual’s energy body. 

The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere 

and at any time and does not require you to be physically 

present with the practitioner.