Equine Body Talk Natural Healing and Animal Communication £40

How will healing Benefit my horse?

Body Talk and communication can help to: 

  • maintain your horse’s health
  • increase the rate of
  • healing for illness and injuries
  • help reduce anxiety
  • reduce pain
  • balance and release emotional issues
  • help to keep focused at events
  • balances yin and yang energy
  • tackle the root cause of behavioural problems
  • help the transition between life and death

If your horse is displaying these or other negative symptoms,

 then Body Talk Healing is a good option to help them out.

What does a session include?

I use a variety of healing gifts during a typical session 

depending on your horses requirements, these include:

  • Energy healing
  • Meridian and Acupressure Massage
  • kinesiology
  • Communication

Horses love energy healing because they are naturally 

sensitive and energetic beings who understand 

the nature of it. As horses enjoy the energetic connection 

with humans.

Body Talk Natural Healing and Communication  for Small Animals from £20

Animal healing is something close to my heart which combines really well with animal communication. 

Being able to heal animals can help your pet find peace and minimise suffering. If you have a pet that is uncomfortable 

or has health issues you should always visit the veterinary clinic first, but animal healing – whether distant healing or 

with reiki healing hands – is a wonderful additional path that can help your pet feel better.

Why is Body Talk Healing beneficial to your pet?

Your pet makes a contract with you to be your companion, to love you, to look after you and to do their best by you. 

They know when you’re not happy because they can feel it in your energy field. You go off on your travels during the day, 

picking up heavy emotions such as grief, shame, anger and resentment. You also create these emotions yourself 

through worry and fear. These are carried around with you like shopping bags, which get heavier and heavier 

the longer you carry them. Some of them you can let go of yourself, others you have great difficulty releasing. 

Energy healing can also help with behavioural and emotional issues and pain relief.

Healing and Communication sessions are provided in your pets own environment, which helps them to be more relaxed.

A session can last between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the type of animal and their requirements. 

Please note:

Body Talk and Animal Communication  Sessions are not a replacement for Training or Veterinary Care 

but will give you further insight into your animal and your animal’s needs.

A Communication will help to create a more harmonious relationship between animals and their owners.

No information about any pet or animal will be discussed or shared with any third party without 

prior consent of the owner.