Amanda-Jayne's Animal Communications

All communications include a free full-typed transcript of the session.

General Consultation £30

Animal communication has been around for many thousands of years. 

Information about the animals thoughts, feelings, experiences and health are all held within their aura. The ability to connect in this way and to hear animals talking is often referred to as telepathy. I have the ability to hear animals speaking. The human and animal kingdoms are connected so that I can do this willingly and with ease. 

While some animal communicators prefer to meet with an animal one on one, I  prefer to communicate from a photo. 


Provided with a photo, the animal’s name, age, and address I am able to complete the process with limited distractions. It is also more convenient for the animal’s person than long distance travel, especially if the animal is under distress.

General Consultations include:

  • Animal communication
  • Releasing Trapped Emotions
  • Balancing Chakras
  • Removal of negative energies
  • Intuitive/psychic healing



Booking your Session

Contact me by email, or phone to request a session, giving your animals details and your questions/topics.  I will contact you with a date and time that I will connect with your animal.  Payment is requested prior to your session and reserves your time on my calendar. Payment options are PayPal or any other electronic payment method. 

To prepare for your session simply provide basic identifying information for the animal:

  • Name
  • approximate age
  • Photograph – fairly recent is better but any will do


Missing Animals £45

I am regularly asked to use animal communication to help locate missing pets.

Initially I like to work with as little information up front as possible, because working with a blank slate is very important. As first impressions are important and can be coloured by too much information by the client, therefore, I only request the name, photo and last known location of the missing animal prior to beginning to reach out to them telepathically.  
If the animal is outgoing, friendly, and responsive to you then this part is usually fairly easy depending on the circumstances surrounding their disappearance. If they are friendly towards strangers then this part can be very simple.

Frequently Asked Questions 


A) Whilst I can assist in locating or missing animal, there are no guarantees that a communication session will result in an animal returning home safely or indeed being found and, for a multitude of reasons.

Please consider the following scenario:

Imagine finding yourself in a place, a room or an environment some random distance from your home and possibly with no outside view from any window or no sign posts at your eye level.

 You may be continually on the move and with no clear recollection of how you got to be there. 

How would you describe, during a short phone call to a potential communicator/rescuer, just where you were? 

Undoubtedly It is more likely you might describe the immediate vicinity and how you felt in yourself, or about being there. 




The types of questions I can ask your missing pets:

  • What do you see, hear and smell?
  • About how far are you from your home?
  • Have you travelled in a vehicle?
  • Do you want to go home?
  • Are you indoors or outdoors?
  • If there are people nearby, can you describe their appearance?
  • Have you heard anyone calling for you?
  • Are you injured or deceased?

A missing pet communication is payable in advance, and includes every moment of time I spend working on trying to locate your animal.


This includes:

  • The initial connection with your missing pet
  • A follow up session, this can be scheduled a few days after the initial connection.
  • Email correspondence to give initial findings and follow up findings.


I am so sorry that you’re reading this. It probably means that an animal you love and adore has passed over.
Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks before seeking a consultation. 

Many people come to me when their beloved pet has passed on, hoping to find things out about them and to let them know how much they were loved. Sometimes when we have lost a pet that is dear to our heart, we suffer the same grief as losing a close family member and it can be difficult to come to terms with. 


In my experience there is no difference with communicating with animals that are alive or those that have passed over. The emotions and feeling may be more serene but the information still comes through. Remember, I am connecting to the true essence of an animal with communication, so you might call it the soul or spirit of an animal. When the physical body dies, the spirit remains.

To know in our hearts that our beloved pet is happy and well, even though they are on the other side, brings us comfort. 



It doesn’t need to be a pet you’ve recently lost in order for you to have a psychic reading with your passed pet. Sometimes it’s an animal you knew as a child, such as your pet hen you were 5, or a neighbour’s cat that you played with, that you might have otherwise forgotten about! But they come to acknowledge you, ignite your memory, send you their love and play a part in your healing. 

If you would like me to do a psychic reading with your passed pet then please fill out the contact form and I will be in touch.