Place your animals in loving AJ's hands

My name is Amanda Jayne but everyone calls me AJ and  I'm animal mad and if that's not the
 most important thing  to know then I don't know what is!

I've been involved with natural healing and animal therapies  for over 20 years; I'm a qualified teacher 

and practitioner of  Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and I also have Diplomas in Applied Kinesiology, Equine and 

Animal Energy Therapy and Canine Myotherapy.


​I've loved animals all my life but I'm especially fascinated by  horses and how majestical they are.  

From being a child I've  always been surrounded by animals. I have always felt a sense of sadness and 

pain when they were injured.  By the age of 12 I realised that I indeed had the ability to  communicate 

telepathically with them and was able to feel  their emotions and pain.


As a natural born healer, intuitive and Empath, I always knew that animals were meant to play a 

profound role my life. I realised that I was chosen to use my Healing for animals, however, I also offer healing 

to animal caretakers as this is often a necessary part of the animals healing process. 


As an animal communicator I can simply send and receive messages to and from animals.  I can do this with living 

animals, or with those who’ve passed into spirit form. Communication sessions are done 

distantly, however, I do travel and offer equine and animal healing sessions within Lincolnshire.   


Love, Light and Blessings AJ

Animal Communication

Animal communication consultations are available worldwide. I work distantly from a high-resolution photograph of your animal and up to 10 questions or messages that you email me. 

General Consultation

Contact is made  by email  or phone to request a session, giving your animals details and your questions/topics.  I will contact you with a date and time that I will connect with your animal.  Payment is requested prior to your session and reserves your time on my calendar. Payment options are PayPal or any other electronic payment method. 

Missing Animals

Initially I like to work with as little information up front as possible, because working with a blank slate is very important. As first impressions are important and can be coloured by too much information by the client, therefore, I only request the name and species of the missing animal prior to beginning to reach out to them telepathically. 

Animals in Spirit

I am so sorry that you’re reading this. It probably means that an animal you love and adore has passed over. Please accept my deepest sympathy for your very sad loss. 

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks before seeking a consultation. You’ll be experiencing the pain and shock of loss and will be deep in the grieving process.